Wide Plotter Paper

Wide Format Plotter Paper is 24 inches wide or wider works with 24 inch wide or larger width plotter paper printing printer. Large format plotter papers plot formats with the same dimensions as wide format plotter paper. Wide plotter paper is American slang term used along wide format plotting paper and could be referring to a small designjet or deskjet to a $40,000 large format printer. The paper itself comes on only two size core rolls 2 inch core roll and 3 inch core roll. The 2 inch roll core is inkjet roll paper also called inkjet plotter paper.
If you look to the right of this article you will see two pictures one of Engineering Rolls on a 3 inch core and the other Inkjet Rolls on a 2 inch core those two pictures are pictures of the only kinds wide format plotter paper. You may click on either picture and find wide format plotter paper made in the USA. more here wide format plotter paper

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