20 lb 24 x 300 Wide Format Inkjet Printer Paper Roll

20 lb 24 x 300 Wide Format Inkjet Plotter Printer Paper Roll has been called many things, however, 20lb 24 x 300 wide-format paper here there are a couple of REAL buzz words here that let you know Exactly what you are dealing with.  First, you know it is all about wide format printer paper, which is good cuz many people are left out in the cold with that first clue, haha, next you see the word INKJET

So lets think the same – here we have wide format printing papers that are Inkjet and we know that the roll has a 2 inch core since it is Inkjet, therefore, we see

  • Paper Weight – 20 lb
  • Paper Width – 24 inches wide
  • Paper length – 300 feet a roll and more rolls less price
  • Paper Design – Inkjet (bottom line here is that the paper is made from a recipe that allows INK to hold fast – this roll 20lb 24 x 300 wide-format paper would work in a large copier as in a Large format copier from Xerox or KIP, yet it would be optimized for INK to adhere and other color applications, as toner, would fall 2nd place and 3rd
  • Printer Use – Inkjet Large format printers – now lets name a few by brand name – Canon, HP Designjet, Epson

OK – to sum up – we understand 24″x300 pound 20, 24-in X 300' ft 20# wide format paper that this roll paper would be that of which an Inkjet large format printer would use – 2 inch core thing with inkjet roll paper and supplies. Next you would consider what ink type of outcome you wished. There will be more here soon you watch ..
Regards, Steve A @ Wide-Format PaperCOM


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